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Preliminary docs for gen-flanged-tube3

This placeholder page shows portions of text from the HTML page generated by pydoc -w gen-flanged-tube3. At some point I’ll add more discussion. Note, can be found on github.

Overview uses SolidPython to generate OpenSCAD code for parts to connect a drain hose to tile saw tray. More generally, it makes a threaded bulkhead-mounting hose connector.

thredSlop (in __main__) controls looseness-of-fit between mating threads. Larger values make a looser, sloppier fit. Smaller values make tighter fits. If the fit is too tight, the outer ring won’t fit over the inner. On my Omni (a Prusa-style 3D printer) using CraftWare slicing with 0.03 mm layers, thredSlop of 0.03″ (and other values defaulted) is too small for the ring to fit on, while 0.05″ slop works ok with 0.02 mm layers.


cylinderAsm(dii, doo, hss)

Produce an assembly of specified cylinders, given three lists that specify sequences of inner diameters, outer diameters, and heights. Consecutive triples (of diameters and height) specify the ends of a cylindrical or conical portion of an assembly, in ascending order of heights; except if the next height in sequence isn’t more than the current height, there is no output for that pair of triples.

threadAsm(uplift, thredID, thredThik, pitch, starts, turns, extern)

Return an assembly for an internal or external thread of given inner diameter, thickness, and pitch, with specified number of starts (independent thread parts), wrapping a given number of turns. uplift = Z-axis translation amount. Inner diameter thredID is the diameter of the cylinder the threads wrap against. It is that cylinder’s outer diameter for external threads, or the cylinder’s inner diameter for internal threads. threadAsm adds or subtracts an epsilon (0.0001) to prevent small gaps between thread and cylinder, which if they happen will lead to rendering/slicing error messages.

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